Legal news:

Status according to the legislation in force on: March 22, 2017

The Act no. 315/2016 on the Register of partners for public sector and on amendments to certain acts

The Act is effective as of: 1.2.2017 (with exception of some provisions effective as of 1.8.2017)

Subject matter: A new register of partners for public sector as a public administration information system that contains data on partners for public sector and their end-users of benefits and eligible persons. The register also includes statutory documents (so-called verification documents). Unlike the previous legislation, the Act goes beyond the public procurement framework and covers handling of a wider range of public resources, not just those in public procurement. The law does not only deal with and manage the financial funds but has the ambition to cover handling of the property of the public sector in general. The Act also applies to persons doing business on the basis of certain public licenses granted.